Insurance Companies Deny Coverage for Previous Rape Victims

We recently found out about yet another health insurance tactic to not cover certain people, mostly women. To be specific not covering women that have been previously raped. It turns out that if women that have been raped, go to a doctor or hospital, these providers more often than not, prescribe for them a month’s supply of anti-AIDS medicine. This of course goes on their record. Even though most of these women never get AIDS, insurance companies will deny them health coverage in the future, due to their supposedly pre-existing condition…

This is discrimination against women who had no control over their predicament. We are talking about thousands of women who get raped or sexually assaulted each year in this country! This could be your sister, wife, mother or daughter. Not only does this mean that these women will live with the horrible memory of their rape, but they will also have to face living without health insurance coverage for the rest of their lives! As stated previously, most of them never get the so called pre-existing condition, which in this case is AIDS!

To read more about this rape pre-existing injustice click here.


Gifts for Keeping Mothers Safe!

If you are like most of the humans on this earth, your mother is one of the most if not the most important person in your life. Fortunately most of us love or loved our mothers. Because of this, we have one day of the year dedicated to her, Mother’s Day!

Moms around the world feed and protect their children. It makes sense that when their children grow up, they should in turn protect and keep her safe! A self defense product gift for your mother, on Mother’s Day, is one of the best gifts you can give her. She, more than any other person, knows the value of protecting the ones you love. Show her that you GET IT! Show her that you want her to feel safe, like she made you feel when you were a child.

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Rape Lay, a video game encouraging rape and molestation

I could not believe my ears when I heard this morning about this new video game introduced to the USA by a Japanese video game maker. Illusion Software is a Japanese company that produces animated 3D pornography. A website that sells video games describes it as follows:

RapeLay is a molestation simulation that allows you to terrorize a woman and her two teenage daughters. Events in RapeLay range from groping on a train to gang rape and forced abortions.

RapeLay’s gameplay is divided in three main parts:

Phase One
The games begins with the player following the victim on the train station. In this first phase one of the few thing you can do is pray the gods for a quick squall of winds that will blow up the victims skirt.

Phase Two
Once on the train the actual groping start, once the victim aroused the train will stop and the next phase of the game begins.

Phase Three
The third and final phase of every scene is the actual rape scene, NPC rapists can be called in to participate in the event. The location in which this happens varies with the victims. The actual location of the rape depends on the characters being raped. Yuuko’s location is in the park, Aoi gets raped in a bathroom and Manaka in her bedroom.

There are also a Free Phase and a Pregnancy Phase… You get the idea. I know there are many violent video games, but this one is just too much for me and I believe too much for our society as a whole. There needs to be some limit as to what games people can buy lawfully.

Priest Pedophiles in Europe Overshadow Boy Scout Molestations in the USA

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Pope Benedict XVI, ignoring pedophile incidents committed by priests in the past. It is all over the news! Unfortunately the extensive coverage of what is happening abroad is taking away attention from what is happening here at home! In case you have not heard, the highly respected organization, The Boy Scouts of America, is in big trouble. Seems like they have knowingly kept confidential, a list of troop leaders, called “perversion files”, that were child molesters. Some of these pedophiles are still active scout leaders. This has led to many molestations that could have been avoided if the Boy Scouts of America would have acted accordingly.

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Hot Dogs are choking small children at an alarming rate

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is pursuing some food manufacturers such as hot dog manufacturers, to place a mandatory warning label on their packaging. Studies have shown that 1 small child dies from chocking on food every 5 days. Apparently hot dogs are 17% involved in those choking incidents. Any food that can cause choking in small children such as popcorn or hard candy, etc., would be required to have a warning label. The AAP mentioned that some food that naturally comes in a shape or form that can cause chocking, for example grapes, would not require the label warning. Only foods that are manufactured or processed, would be affected.

Of course some hot dog manufacturers, among other food manufacturers, are not happy with having to place a warning label on their products. They feel it would deter parents of small children from purchasing their products. It’s important to mention that 2 well known hot dog manufacturers have already labeled their products with warnings, prior to the AAP’s request. These hot dog manufacturers are Oscar Mayer and Ballpark.

It’s important to not just have warning labels but to educate and warn parents of small children about the possibility of them choking on food. Parents should be educated on how to feed their children, on how to cut certain foods into small pieces, etc. We hope that the AAP’s request will at least start people talking about the risks, especially when feeding hotdogs to kids.

For more details, please click here.

Alabama University, Professor Amy Bishop, Has Priors

Universities are not only having shootings now from students, but also from professors too! It seems like professors as well as students will have to go through metal detectors now. What a shame…

By looking at Amy Bishop’s photo, you would think she was a humble quiet woman and not the violent criminal that is being exposed. Initially news reports surfaced prior information about her killing her brother. That 1986 crime was declared by authorities as an accidental death. Now it has been discovered that she also was a suspect in a mail bombing threat against a Harvard Medical School professor in 1993. Looks can definitely be deceiving!

How could a person with 2 previous criminal suspicions become a professor at a university? A person that definitely should be a role model for our children, should have had a background check done before getting hired. Do universities give background checks to potential professors? Why was there not a red flag raised when her background was checked? Assuming it was checked, did they just ignore the results? I’m sure authorities will  discover more clues in her past that lead her to commit this most recent horrible crime.

For more details read here.

New TASER C2 in Yellow!

TASER International just came out with another color for the TASER C2. The C2 was already available in Black Pearl, Electric Blue, Metallic Pink, Titanium Silver, Red Hot Red, Fashion Pink and now it also comes in TASER Yellow! They have been offering their TASER X26c model in yellow, for a while. So it’s no surprise that they also came out with this new color for the C2.

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